Additional DDNS providers in Synology ds211j

Translated an old post so it will be easier to find for others who are interested in this topic.

This was actually a workaround when writing the original post. I didn’t manage to get Loopia DDNS updates to work on my DD-WRT so i added this to my NAS instead to update my domain.

It later turned out that Inady on the build i was using was broken and is corrected in later builds. I have written a post about that topic earlier.

As a reminder to self i’ll write down the information here for later use and for others interested in doing this.

Access your Synology NAS using SSH

Edit /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf and simply add the following entry (for Loopia in this case) :


Now you can select option in the DDNS configuration in the control panel.

Add your information:

Save and keep an eye on the status box and when it states “Normal” you DNS should be updated.