Apples attempt to prevent plex and plexconnect to work with trailers on ATV fails :-)

With the latest update for ATV, Apple introduces ssl-encryption for certain requests resulting in plexconnect not working anymore, sad but true. But as usual the resouceful community presents a solution and by reading and following this excellent guide i’m now back in business!

However for me who didn’t use the builtin DNS in plexconnect but dnsmasq in my router needed to troubleshoot a bit longer and eventually came to the conclusion i needed to change this, actually to plexconnect defaults to allow plexconnect to intercept requests for and not my router. Setting my ATV to use my plex-server as DNS and now “it just works” 😉

Plex for president!


Motorcycle trip starting today!

A few days on my motorcycle starting today. The weather could be better over there but if all goes well we will miss the worst of it.

Haven’t had the time to get a geomap updated to fully work with fusion tables yet, it stops logging after a while and not sure why but for those who wants to follow our route can follow it here!